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Roz-e-Ashura Program

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Roz-e-Ashura Program

Friday, July 28, 2023

(Muharram 10, 1445 AH)

Maulana Syed Ahmad Raza Al Hussaini
[Toronto, Canada]

11:45 am: Aamal-e-Ashura
1:00 pm: Salat-e-Zohrain
1:30 pm: Majlis-e-Ashura:
        Tilawat-e-Quran, Soz-o-Salam, Marsiya | Speech| Noha Khawani
        Ziyarat: Shibihat / Alam / Taboot/ Gehwara
        Ziyarat Ashura - Imam Hussain (AS)
4:45 pm: Faqa Shikni
8:12 pm: Salat-e-Maghribain

8:20 pm: Soz-o-Salam / Marsiya
8:40 pm: Speech
8:50 pm: Salam-e-Aakhir
9:05 pm: Noha Khawani

Maulana Syed Ahmad Raza Al Hussaini:
Hujjatul Islam Maulana Syed Ahmed Raza Al-Hussaini was born and raised in India. He completed Fazil-e- Mashrigiat from Allahabad Arabic and Persian board. He then completed his graduation and post-graduation in Arabic Literature and research (such as Irtaga of Marsiya and Marsiya writers in first year of Hijri) from Banaras University. From 1983-1990 he received higher Islamic studies from Hawza-e-Ilmiya Qum. Serving 28 years across Europe, Africa, North America, and South Asia. Now he is serving Ali Islamic Mission, Mississauga as a resident Aalim, performing all religious duties, leading daily prayers. He has written many articles on Islamic topics. 

We are kindly requesting majlis sponsorship from our devoted Momineen and Mominaat. Please contact following if you like to participate.
Khurshid Naqvi: 909-262-5240
Dr. Ale Raza:     909-732-5685

Please send your donations to the following address or pay online using Paypal, Debit or Credit Card since we have online programs. 

1- Address: Zainabia Islamic Society, P O Box 1120, Chino, CA, 91708
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Jul 28 2023


11:45 am - 9:05 pm
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